Gather the guns and stay alive – Gunkidd 99

Title: Gunkidd 99

Developer: Yongjustyong

Publisher: Yongjustyong

Players: 1

Platform: Steam

Hello fellow gamers! We are back again with another indie game that changes your perspective on shooting up stuff. Gun kid 99 switches the focus from shooting up things to win into collect every the gun and beat the level. What this means is that you can be s trigger happy as you want, taking on an endless stream of spawning enemies and not complete the level. The only way to win each level is to collect each new gun as it spawns. If you wait to long to collect a weapon you’ll see a countdown begin. When that timer his zero it’s game over.

Gunkidd99 - Steam
Gunkidd99 – Steam

There are a variety of weapons and items you get to play with. Each gun has its own characteristics including but not limited to:

  • Power
  • Rate of fire
  • Magazine capacity
  • Firing distance
  • Reload time

All these factors are things to consider as you maneuver around the board.

The controls come with your standard run, jump, double jump, and dodge. luckily they can be strung together for a beautiful parkour performance. The auto-aim function is a useful tool in the sense you can take auto aim and it will focus on an enemy there needs to meet the business end of your shotgun. Don’t become fully dependent on it though. During most play through, every enemy it locked on to wasn’t necessarily the most dangerous or closest.

Gunkid 99 features a few enemies that alone, they are a nuisance at best but when they are swarming your run and gun tactics must be on point.
There are small slime balls that will materialize and move in a straight path until they hit the bottom
There are larger some balls that appear to be the tank of the bunch.
Flying slimeballs are different in the sense they are seeking you out and will circle around to catch you.
There are stationary monsters that will not move once they spawn but will fire projectiles from across the map at you.
If monsters weren’t enough there are traps laid about to catch you up and shorten your life.
You can do a barrel roll to escape most of these unless You stop right in the middle.

Overall this is a fun, jump in and play type of game. It’s quick enough to allow you a few quick plays before dinner but entertaining enough to keep your attention for hours.

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