World War Z: Aftermath Official Trailer

More Zeke than you can shake a stick at

Welcome back zombie killers! Team Max@Play is always excited to see a new zombie game come around and Saber Interactive is right on time with the announcement of World War Z: Aftermath. The trailer highlights some amazing new international locations in beautiful 4k resolution. Don’t get too caught up in the new locations because with fresh sites there are new enemies like the rat swarms. It’s right out of your worst nightmare, if seeing Zeke charge at you wasn’t enough these flesh-hungry rats can incap you and end you. What’s new danger without new weapons? Aftermath is introducing new dual wield and double-handed weapons to add a bit more spice to your zeke killing day. The new Vanguard class will offer a brand new way of dispatching crowds of Zeke as you plow through them with force.

Prepurchase is available now and comes with all of the locations from WWZ: GOTY

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