VRV combined everything you love about Funimation and Crunchyroll!

The Wild Thornberries- VRV
The Wild Thornberries- VRV

Saturday kicked off Team Max@Play’s New York Comic Con experience with a stroll through Manhattan. As expected parking near the Javtis Convention Center was either expensive, reaching $50 in some places or non existent so it vehicle stayed in Jersey. It was definitely cheaper to leave the car parked and walk to NYCC and it gave us an opportunity to find the VRV HQ just minutes from the Con doors. We took that as a sign to visit their panel first, and so we did.

VRV Panel
This rapidly growing streaming service has teamed up Funimation and Crunchyroll to bring forth a pop culture streaming service unlike anything we’ve seen. VRV is available for download and subscription on your PC and other mobile devices. Of course with support from the other two giants in anime they have a catalog of movies and series that are out of this world. VRV also as a growing collection of series from many different genres to add to their unique experience. Cartoons like the Bravest Warriors, a pg13 action cartoon, will definitely get you hooked. But if you need something more classic, they are releasing all the 90s Nickelodeon shows including the Wild Thornberries and Hey Around.



Team Max@Play are excited to see the return of SWAT Kats via this service. The battles that these two feline and pilots pulled though are enough for us to rush, download the app and begin another binge watching session. Sidenote: Binge watching a show is great until you fall asleep and wake up during something critical and are totally lost as to what just happened. Go ahead and check out what’s awesome with VRV. While you’re doing that we’re going to enjoy a few episodes of Freakazoid.

What are you currently binge watching? What series have you binged on more than once? Let us know in the comment section below. If you need something to watch check out one of our favorite series here>>>

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