Devil May Cry 5 Panel reveals major upgrades to NYCC 2018

Video courtesy of Weebhutjr on YouTube

Devil may cry 5 game trailer
Devil may cry 5 game trailer

Devil may cry 5 panel hosted by the director Hideski Itsuno and producer Matthew Walker was full of awe inspiring visuals and commentary. Bringing together all the heroes for an epic battle. The crowd was excited to see Nero’s new Devil Breaker as well as the new looks on some of our favorite weapons. Check out this short list highlighting these weapons.


  • Ebony and Ivory – Tried and true duel pistols.
  • Kalina ann2 – Switches from single to rapid rocket launcher
  • Coyote A – double barrel shotgun


  • Rebellion – Your favorite series
  • Sparda- transforms into a scythe and can be thrown like a boomerang
  • Cerberus- a transforming weapon that switches between ice nunchucks, fire staff, and lightning chained mail transformations

Cavaliere motorcycle transforms into duel weild chainsaws

Devil may cry 5 game trailer
Devil may cry 5 game trailer

Balrog – boots, gauntlets and shoulder pads with two modes, boxing and kicking

Faust hat- spend red orbs to destroy enemies

As with past DMC there are a variety of difficulty modes to choose from. So for the players just trying to jump in and play, there’s a more for you. if you’re a tactician and want to create your own combos, they got you covered. If you’re a glutton for punishment and need a severe challenge then you’ll get what you’re craving

Devil may cry 5 game trailer
Devil may cry 5 game trailer

Before you freak out
You don’t need to buy the deluxe version to get the best devil breakers. Everyone will be able to get Nero’s pasta breaker, the punchline devil breaker. The pasta breaker is used to switch between your other devil breakers. Let’s not forget the Sweet Surrender. Sweet surrender devil breaker is a vibrator 😁 it regains health as long as it’s activated in the middle of a battle.

Enjoy the video from the actual NYCC panel and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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