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Welcome back to my little segment we here at Max@Play call letter from the editor. This is where I take a bunch of random topics and share my thoughts with you. There is so much going on from the growth in the site to managing time to just geek out. This whole adulating thing that a lot of us are doing can put a damper on truly enjoying life. By enjoying life I mean playing video games. I made the decision to purchase the Nintendo Switch for my own personal gaming experience. Its an awesome blend between portability and first class gaming. Advancements in technology have made it so that I can get the same gameplay experience on my hand-held device as well as my console or PC without the hassle of trying to set up in whatever city we seem to be in. The first game to make it on the list is Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. It has an amazing list of new characters as well as every returning character. Snagging this combo for Christmas gives me a chance to practice before the

Ronald at Ohayocon
Ronald at Ohayocon

tournament at Ohayocon.

Team Max@Play will definitely be in the house when the Hyatt convention center in Columbus, oh. For Ohayocon 2019. I can go on for hours listing the panels and exhibits that are going to be there but I’m really excited to see the gaming floor. Ohayocon featured one of the largest overall gaming areas we witnessed as we toured conventions last year. They also featured plenty of tournaments on a variety of platforms, one of this years featured tournaments is, of course, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. I can’t recall ever attending a con where some variation of this game was absent, but the excitement with the entire community can’t be ignored.

Speaking of the community, I want to let everyone attending Ohayocon we are offering professional photo shoots. We love celebrating cosplayers and the time they have invested in their craft. If you’re interested in having a feature photo session please contact us by leaving a comment down below or messaging us on social media. Thank you all for your time. See you soon!

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