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Morgan Freeman will beat you in a fight! 8 hidden bosses in video games.


Hello, fellow gamers! During our journey through the various dungeons and arenas, we enjoy finding secret areas with secret enemies. These are usually gifts left behind by the developers and can vary from the crazy looking to the insanely difficult. The video features a few notable games that hide interesting arenas and boss fights. Discovering these bosses, of course, unlocks different achievements or even ultra rare items. Truth be told, there are a few tough enemies that when defeated will reveal the games true, and the best ending. If being one of the few of your friends that found this fight wasn’t enough, of course, you want the cool swag. Speaking of swag check out our store for cool t-shirts. Beware of a few minor SPOILERS. This list is brought to you by our friends at whatculture.com, which you should check out and subscribe. Just for the record, even if you think you’re ready you can’t beat Morgan Freeman. Yes, the actor! Enjoy the video and subscribe for more.

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