Back to kill some Orcs

​It’s been a long time since Team Max@play had a chance to sit back and defend the rift from the onslaught of Bianca’s horde of evil Orcs. With a game like this sometimes is good to start all over from the beginning, relearn the controls and it shine like a pro. We have almost forgotten how much fun is dealing with wave after wave of Orcs, setting new traps, moving old ones around, and let’s not forget gunning in them with a lightning, magic Enchanted crossbow. So, after devoting several hours to getting back into the game we decided to share our progress with you with a little slideshow that you can find located at the bottom. And while you’re down there right in the comments section what game you love to play in the side to start all the way over at the beginning to go in like a boss. If you want a more in-depth review of Orcs Must Die check out our original review here. If you need to find more games so much works like die see what Epic cooking up with fortnite here.