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10 Addictive Behavior ONLY Gamers Will Understand

Here is an interesting list of things that every seasoned gamer does no matter how crazy it is. The things on this list we do or attempt to do over and over again. Gameranx does a great job of putting a detailed list together. Team Max@Play would have made number 9 first because we smash or try to smash everything in sight.The Zelda series is the most notorious for encouraging this behavior. Lets walk into this random person’s house, smash all their pots and claim everything we find as ours. In Elder Scrolls the residents won’t let you just take their stuff, fyi. Enjoy the video and here’s quick reference list for you.

10. Opening every door

9. Smashing everything

8. Continuely pressing a button to skip a non skippable dialogue

7. Constantly checking your inventory

6. Pressing the buttons harder to that it will have greater impact

5. Bunny hoping

4. Weirdly testing boundries

3. Tilting your head or lean during racing games

2. Blowing up things

1. Covering all terrain

Is there anything not on this list that you do repeatedly? Let us know in the comment section below. If you need more top 10 list, click here!

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