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Top 5 Best Gifts for Gamers

Top 5 Gifts for Gamers

by EZ-R

Have you ever bought a gift for someone, and when they got it, they were appreciative, but you were searching for that enthusiasm you thought you’d get? Disappointing, right? Do you know why that happened? Because while you had all your intentions in the right place, you did not get to know them enough to get them the gift they would have liked. There is something about getting someone the perfect gift. Getting a gift for anyone requires an understanding of what the person likes, and the type of person they are. When you do not really understand a person and how they are, you may just end up getting them the wrong gift, then be disappointed that they were not more enthusiastic about the present you gave them. Even when you pour your entire heart into getting a gift, a wrong one is a wrong one and nothing can be done about that.

While it may be hard to get gifts for some people, because you can never guess correctly, what they like, getting a gift for a gamer is a little easier. See, gamers are pretty straightforward with their needs, and they do not even have to spell it out. All you have to do is pay more attention to game trends, and maybe spend more time than is required of you on a site that screams “Nerd!” Better yet, you can come to sites like this one, and see what we have on our list for gamers.

That said, here are 5 gifts that would make your gamer loved one love you forever, or for some time, till something new pops up perhaps.

Gaming Headset

Have you ever been watching a movie with headphones on and it feels like you are in your own world, maybe inside the screen, because of how private and wholesome it feels? Well, a gamer loves to feel that way when they are playing a game. Also, a gamer wants to hear the person they are beating at the other end grunt in frustration, while they scream in victory, it makes the experience a lot better than you can imagine. Gamers also ache for quality sounds when they play, they want to hear as the gun fires, as swords clang, as things blow up, as real as possible.

SteelSeries Arctis

They more than want to play the game, they want to live in the game. This is not even a case of living vicariously through the character they pick, they want to be in the game, and this is something that a headset can give them. Now, when buying a headset for a gamer, you can’t just buy anyone you see on eBay. You need to get them a gaming headset, and one which is very powerful and of great quality as well. The SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset is an advanced gaming headset of high quality and would certainly be loved by every gamer.

It is also understandable that hearing “Quality and powerful” in the same sentence might scare you because you are envisioning a really costly price. This headset, however, is affordable. The specs are impressive, and this is a very durable product. It has a 4star rating on Amazon with a lot of good reviews and costs about $99. On a much lighter note, if the gamer lives in your house, and you have always thought the noise from the game was too loud, then this is definitely a win-win. They get their amazing gaming experience, while you get your peace.

Game Drive

Gamers like to carry their games along with them, more than that, they hate the limitation that comes with the set, so they like to be able to store all the gamers they like in a drive and have it with them. “Variety is the spice of life, right?” Also, they need a game drive to store their new games without having to clear all the games pre-installed in the box. 

There are a lot of game drives you could get out there, but Seagate FireCuda 2TB. This drive is a 2 terabyte hybrid of both SSD and HDD. It has 8GB memory, making it a fast loader, which is a great advantage as no one likes a slow loading device. The price is a little on the high side, as it costs around $240 on amazon, but, hey, nothing is too expensive for a loved one, right? 

On a much lighter note, you could have some things stored in the drive, if your gamer would let you.

Gaming Keyboard

Corsair keyboard

Let’s say you know your gamer is PC owner and plays all of their games with a mouse and keyboard. Picking up a keyboard sounds simple enough but don’t jump too son. Gaming keyboards are packed with features that cater to the dedicated achievement chasers. Lots of them feature an ergonomic shape that doesn’t look comfortable for typing but works perfectly for taking on endless waves demons. Corsair brand of keyboards is a Team Max@Play favorite featuring aluminum casing, mechanical keys for touch sensitivity and light effects for extra style and flair. They offer a variety of models that range from $69.99 to $229.99.

Virtual Reality headset 

If you had a gamer who seemed to have everything they needed and a lot more on preorder, it would be in yours and their best interests to get them a virtual reality headset. Imagine watching a movie you really like, and not just watching being on the set like you were cast for the movie. That is what a VR headset does for gamers. It gives them a feel of the game they are playing. Gamers do not just want to press a button on the console and shoot at an enemy, they want to do more, they want to hold the gun and shoot, grunt, move, everything. This is why getting your gamer a VR headset would have them singing your praises for a while. 

The best VR headset you should get your gamer is the Oculus Quest 2 Advanced all-in-one virtual reality headset. With a 64GB processor size, this is the fastest device they could ever use. The display is in high resolution, making the experience simply better. It has backward compatibility, so they can explore old game titles and new ones, in the expansive library that comes with this device. It has an ultimate control feature that connects your movements directly onto the devices using something called the intuitive controls. Using the oculus link cable, this device can be connected to a compatible gaming PC or VR. 

On a much lighter note, you could use this too. If you missed the ticket deadline for a Beyonce concert, you could make use of this device and feel like you are in the front row. Just as soon as you can pry it from the hands of an enthusiastic gamer. 


NPC T-Shirt
NPC T-Shirt

When all else fails, a nice comfortable Tee can win the day. Everybody wants to be comfortable while enjoying their past time and a great graphic T-Shirt not only provide that but a chance to show off a bit of their personality. The sheer volume of places where you can find these, but to make your search a little easier we present The Max@Play Store where you can find exclusive designs for your gift giving needs. 

See, a gamers gift is not very hard to get. The problem is if you have a gamer who is always up to date, so more often than not, they will always have the new editions of everything that they need. This means that you have to be fast, smarter, and willing to beat them at their own game. Unless you will find yourself buying t-shirts with their favorite gamers printed on top, which they most likely already have. 

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