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Anthem , come for the action, stay for the NPC’s.

Just Finished Anthem for Playstation 4 and though the game consisted of tedious and repetitive missions and an sub par boss battles the Non Player Characters had me in love. Without giving anything away some of my favorites were Matthias and his crazy ass and others like Owen and Zoe. They Kept the game fun and missions were easily stomached as we raced to save sentinels, stop the dominion and discover Anthems lore.


The Game Play in Anthem is pretty fluid once you get the role of the Javelins down as well as the flying and hovering aspects. The guns play apart but nothing like Destiny, there is no real customization of the effects and even the look of your weapons. Most of the crafting is done in your Javelin customization screen where you can change your specials, purchase then apply skins, and change your overall stats.

There are 4 different types of Javelins:

Javelin Colossus – a tanking powerhouse lending itself to more strength-oriented tasks. The successor of the Javelin of Dawn.

Javelin Ranger – a versatile, all-purpose javelin suitable for various tasks. Storm — long ranged “spell” caster javelin created by the Dominion which harnesses the power of the Anthem of Creation.

Javelin Interceptor — speed-focused javelin, created by the Corvus They all play very differently from each other.

Javelin Storm — long ranged “spell” caster javelin created by the Dominion which harnesses the power of the Anthem of Creation.

This is the ultimate team for creating effective combos against titans and swarms of dominion and scars. In some missions you have doubles of classes and while it doesn’t hurt the experience, it’s not as fun as having a full squad rocking out. The crafting is pretty cool, for completing tasks you are awarded new blueprints to craft weapons, powerful augments, and tweak specials. While there are javelin levels, your gear level boost your power level that classifies you as common, rare, legendary and epic.


After the game there are still many things still do, while id does mimic a lot of missions from the story it gives you the opportunity to earn faction points that unlock higher tier blueprints and find out more about these well written NPC’s. While the game was a 6.5 at best i’m really eager to see how Bioware continues to add to the story and develop the world.

The Good: Amazing and Deep Story. Relatable and fun protagonist, awesome cast of NPC’s. The Freeplay. The villain had an actual personality and was often on the front line.

The Bad: Easy main story line, repetitive missions.

The Ugly: No PVP.