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8 ‘Health’ Items That Would Be Seriously Bad for Your Health

These health items might kill you

Welcome back fellow gamers! As we go along on our virtual journeys, game developers give us some of the most random items to use to boost or regain health. Why they picked these items is beyond us but if you were to use any of these items in real life it could spell disaster. Some of the items may not have been bad if they weren’t found in the most disgusting places. Enjoy this list of health items that are most definitely bad for.

  1. Roast Chicken you found in a Trash Can

  2. Queen Mirelurk Meat – Its radiated meat that hits you 25 rads per second

  3. Blood vial from a corpse – Like in Bloodborne

  4. Used Chewing Gum – Final Fight

  5. Dogfood – Like in Wolfenstein

  6. Crack pipe- In Postal 2 they let you smoke crack to boost your health

  7. Pain killers- Max Payne guzzles pain killers to regain health

  8. Toilet Water- Duke Nukem gets a single point of health from drinking toilet water

We hope you enjoyed this list and video courtesy of our friends over at Outside XBox. Check out this other list from our friends talking about great franchises that had garbage first games.

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