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Happy New Year with Zombies

Welcome back fellow gamers and zombie killers! Hoping the New Year is treating you well. Team Max@Play kicked off the year shooting Ridden in the face, or in the editor’s style, smashing them with a barred wire covered bat. The current favorite build in Back 4 Blood is the melee deck. Everytime a Ridden zombie is taken down using a melee or bash attack the player regains health and stamina comparable to how its stacked. With enough onscreen zombies, the cleaner using this deck literally becomes a lawn mower of head cracking destruction. Can you feel the excitement. Getting neck deep in Back 4 Blood brings so much joy. Its also still included in the Game Pass for a double win. 

The last couple of runs were interesting. B4B has a ravenous corruption card event taking place in the video featured. This event makes it mandatory to manage your hunger or start losing health. Everytime your health ticks away you take a minor amount of trauma damage adding yet another sense of stress.

Thanks for visiting Max@Play! If you need a break from killing zombies check out this Awesome Anime, Beatless!

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