Def Jam Vendetta #ThrowbackThursday

Can you beat DMX or Ludacris in a fight?

Welcome back fellow gamers! The Max@Play time travel machine goes back to 2003 and revisits a time when rappers settled their beef in the ring instead of the booth. Def Jam Vendetta is the video game that mixed hip hop with pro wrestling. The plot was overall generic. You could pick from 1 of 4 starting characters and play through the same story line. Vendetta features 46 playable characters including hip hop artist that were signed to Def Jam at the time including:

Just like in pro wrestling, a match can be won in one of 3 ways; Pin fall, submission or KO. Pins are done by pinning the opponent for 3 seconds before he can kick out. The player can trap opponents in holds that gradually weaken one of their body parts (head, body, legs and arms). This hold can be broken by touching the ropes. If one of those gauges reaches empty, the bones get broken and that player submits & automatically loses. As the match goes on characters build up their power gauge which, when full, will allow them to activate their ‘Blazin’ mode. While Blazin, if a player grabs his opponent they will perform their signature move, which is unblockable once started.

Def Jam Vendetta (All Blazins, All Characters, & Most Taunts)

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