Destiny 2 with SUPERHIGHMcFLYY

We are chasing our destiny was the theme!

Destiny 2 Max@Play _ SUPERHIGHMcFLYY Stream
Destiny 2 Max@Play _ SUPERHIGHMcFLYY Stream

Welcome back fellow gamers! This time around, Team Max@Play was able to finally enjoy the revamped Destiny 2 by Bungie. Having skipped the original Destiny there’s definitely a learning curve for navigating the terrain and keeping track of your quest. Luckily, we have a veteran gamer and streamer SUPERHIGHMcFLYY to give us an assist. With that being said, the overall tutorial section of Destiny 2 could use a little work but getting the player up and into the story was painted beautifully. Immediately, there was enough of the backstory to make you invested. As you progressed through the tutorial the way the first set of enemies were introduced filled us with a sense of urgency and excitement. That feeling of “Oh snap,  what have I woken up into. ” and “Where’s my gun!?” Definitely had us ready. 

As a new player, it was easy to get distracted traversing the world. In the middle of working on one mission, there were optional world events taking place that you can get involved in. Multiple times we had to be reined in by our Co streamer because we were doing missions that weren’t essential to our Quest and at this point our goal was to progress through the story so we can unlock more things to do in the world. We always welcome a good distraction though. There was a point in the mission where we got completely separated from the rest of our party. While we tried to figure out what path to take and the mechanics of maneuvering over everything the rest of the party went and completed the mission without us. There was the yay we did it moment but oh I missed it.

The stream 

Destiny 2 Max@Play _ SUPERHIGHMcFLYY Stream
Destiny 2 Max@Play _ SUPERHIGHMcFLYY Stream

Destiny 2 was one of the games released incomplete, for lack of better words. This became the focal point of our discussion during the live stream with SUPERHIGHMcFLYY. Its been added to a growing list unfortunately highlighting a trend with Publishers and Developers releasing unfinished games and either attempting to make them better with patches and updates after the fact. No man’s sky sits at the top of that list, which many gamers refer to it as No Man’s Lie since everything the developer promised would be available on release wasn’t. Today No Man’s Sky is a beautiful well-designed game brimming with content. Players can get lost for hours exploring and finding new things, but what about the people who were invested in the beginning, are they still here? There’s a portion of Team Maxatplay that will never play this game because of the lies told in the beginning. Destiny 2 also released with tons missing and was such a big disappointment on release. Even though the major updates that have been done to Destiny 2 make the game worthwhile playing how many gamers have been scorned to the point with they don’t trust them.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have games like Cyberpunk 2077 which have been delayed so that they can put out a perfect game the first time but are upsetting Gamers who have been waiting patiently, bordering impatiently, for this masterpiece. The developers are taking tons of heat from social media, journalists, and the general population because they’re ready to play this game. We definitely don’t want this game to come out and be another no man’s sky.

Destiny 2 gets the Max@Play seal of approval. It’s a great game to jump in and play solo or with friends. And we are looking forward to seeing what does the complete overhaul has in store for us.

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