Youmacon 2019 is Go

Getting ready for Youmacon 2019

Youmacon 2019 is go!

Youmacon 2019

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Venues: TCF Convention Center | Renissance Marriot

Dates: Thursday October 31-Sunday November 3

Welcome back fellow con goers! Team Max@Play is preparing for one of favorite conventions, Youmacon. This convention ranks so high with us because it was our first convention evar, as journalist and attendees. It’s an amazing con to sink your teeth into covering two massive venues sitting on Detroit’s beautiful waterfront, looking across at Canada. Yes! You can see Canada from Youmacon. If you would like a look at past activities click here . Lets talk about some things we’re excited to see this year.

Special Guest Galore

If you didn’t know,conventions are a great place to meet some of your favorite voice actors and characters, and hopefully collect a few selfies. One particular we are beyond excited to meet is the voice of Borderlands Handsome Jack Dameon Clarke. Clarke is also known for his Dragon Ball Z roles as Cell and Paragus. Since we’re looking out for our favorite villans we must meet DC Douglas who is the voice of Resident Evil’s Albert Wesker. To round out this list we are looking for Maile Flanagan who is the voice of Naruto. Yes we realize Naruto is no villan but Flanagan’s voice over work is Emmy award winning. BELIEVE IT!

Cosplay Competitions

The Cosplay competitions are reaching an all time high this year. There are a variety of contest taking place so there is plenty of room to either participate or spectate. There are the masters which judge the entire costume and performance and its closeness to relation to the source material. You have the section that focuses more on the weapons and accessories. The International competition gives you a front row seat to the entire world of cosplay. And of course you have the creative interpretation highlighting each cosplayers twist on their favorite characters.

Games galore

Sadly the gaming room this year is no longer 24hrs but the trade off is that the layout is amazing. Youmacon Battle Opera returns to TCF Center for it’s 2019 venture. Join the action as YBO offers community selected video game tournaments inside the game room of Michigan’s largest anime convention! A weekend of competitive gameplay surrounded by games from every time period for your enjoyment.


This article could go on forever lisiting everything going on this weekend. The panels that are available and the AMV showcases alone could eat up a whole day. If you’re looking for more tips in getting ready, please check out the article “Tips for improving your con experience.” . If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comment section below. Looking forward to seeing you all at Youmacon