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Youmacon 2019 - Cosplay - Sailor Moon - Sailor Scouts - Tuxedo Mask
Youmacon 2019 – Cosplay – Sailor Moon – Sailor Scouts – Tuxedo Mask

Damien Clarke, Maile Flanagan and awesome sauce

Detroit, Michigan is says so long to another amazing Youmacon weekend. Thousands of anime fans descended on the Motorcity and filled the venues of TCF convention center and The Renaissance Center Marriott. The love shared between the attendees and crew perpetuated an amazing experience. For Team Max@Play, Day 1 was a major prepping experience. We had an opportunity to converse with fellow attendees about their expectations and we captured the magic that is Youmacon. Check out our recap of Day 1 here.

Youmacon 2019 - Dameon Clarke - Voice actor
Youmacon 2019 – Dameon Clarke – Voice actor


As promised, Team Max@play was able to engage many of a Condors including the special guest Dameon Clarke, the voice of Handsome Jack of Borderlands and Cell from Dragon Ball Z, and Maile Flanagan the voice of Naruto. These interviews were amazing and full of life and energy. Dameon Clark share his experiences coming into his own as the voice actor while Mrs. Flanagan shared her views on Naruto’s impact on pop culture. To True Professionals in their own right, they work with each interviewer and question with love and attention. We are looking forward to showing each individual interview with you.


This year’s gaming room return to TCF Center, formerly known as Cobo Hall. The room, even though it felt emptier than usual, had plenty of space and felt way less claustrophobic than in previous years. This year team accept play was hyper focused on a few things that were taking place including Hado PVP and the PS4 virtual Arena. There are also several other games that took our interest that wouldn’t normally cross our radar and we’re going to share those with you. We’d also like to add that we have been completely sold on the PS4 virtual experience and we’re going to show you why.

Youmacon 2019 - Maile Flanagan- Voice actor
Youmacon 2019 – Maile Flanagan- Voice actor


In previous years, Youmacon and their supporters he’ll conduct the cosplay photo shoots oh, but this year they relinquish that and put it in the hands of the cosplayers and the photographers themselves. The reason for this move is in the past if it shoot didn’t go well it fell back on Youmacon and Youmacon wasn’t really Hands-On with the shoes they were just helping organize everything. This year the attendees hosted it. The pros to having the attendees and the photographers maintain the cosplay photo shoots is that they were all in direct contact with one another. This offer a greater amount of organization and ideas for poses and exchanging photos. But the downside to this was those who weren’t in any of the groups that orchestrated the photoshoot they were unaware of when we’re or if these sheets were even taking place. In future Team Max@Play what do their car into spreading this information so that an exciting part of Youmacon will continue to grow and improve everyone’s experience.


There was so much going on at Youmacon we couldn’t possibly share it all in one article. Matter of fact, Team max@play could devote an entire website to the awesomeness that took place. But as we deal with the con Blues and Gathering all our content we will share with you the best of youmacon 2019. Stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe to be the first to see epic photos and one-on-one interviews. Thanks for checking out maxatplay.com

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