Getting Legendary in South Park Phone Destroyer

Getting Legendary is South Park Phone Destroyer


South Park Phone Destroyer
South Park Phone Destroyer

Well fellow gamers, I guess its true and it finally happened (clutches pearls). Team Max@Play has dedicated countless numbers of hours to enjoying South Park Phone Destroyer. Phone Destroyer has been such a part of the day to day grind it is been featured on Max@Play an interesting amount of times. During our battles, we have engaged a variety of card combinations and rare to legendary cards. Some of these being so rare it was believed that we could never acquire these cards until we shell out some major cash buying packs where you are guaranteed to get a certain amount of rare, epic and legendary cards. Then it happened, during a normal daily pack opening we acquire the Legendary ManBearPig.

First Impressions
It was literally the last card in the two pack set and he is a force to be reckoned with. It starts with a plus 1200 health, 60 Attack and pushes back on some attacks. He takes a massive 7 battery energy to summon, the only other card we saw that high was The Pope Timmy. ManBearPig’s behavior seems to attack what even enemy is close and even to follow enemies back across the battlefield to attack. We try to avoid summoning him alone so he’s always paired with a Butter character because of his Deathwish ability. Paladin or Deckhand Butters is our choice in the pair because they are quick to get in front of him which makes them more prone to die first. If the battery is charging fast enough we add an archer/ranged character followed by a headhunter, usually a variation of Doug. Doug is one of the faster-traveling headhunters and deals massive damage but suffers from low health and consumes 4 battery charges to summon.

South Park Phone Destroyer
South Park Phone Destroyer

Defending against the Legend
On the other side of that if you’re dealing with your an attack from ManBearPig we suggest a couple options. One option is to take him head on summoning your most powerful characters or spells and have them centered on halting his progression. The second option is to forget about him and launch attacks that will target the main opponent. If ManBearPig has been summoned recently your opponent will not have too much in the means of defense if you sent a few headhunters or assassins along the opposite outer edges. We haven’t discovered anything that he’s particularly weak against but we will point out he is slow moving when it comes to attacks and can only engage one enemy at a time. Even with his colossal size, ManBearPig is a ground to ground fighter and cannot attack air-born enemies.
Team Max@Play has included a Top 5 Cards we use in an offense with the legendary ManBearPig

South Park Phone Destroyer
South Park Phone Destroyer

• Paladin Butters – Assassin Class – Deathwish – Closest All or Leader becomes invincible for 3 sec.
• Pirate Ship Timmy – Ranged – Charged – Launches a cannonball at the nearest enemy
• Barrel Dougie – Assassin – Head Hunter – 58 Extra damage to enemy leader on first hit
• Gunslinger Kyle – Ranged – Charged – Kyle’s allies and leader get +36 attack for 3 sec.
• Nelly – Ground Fighter – Area Damage

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