Day 1 of Youmacon 2019 is a go!

Day 1 of Youmacon 2019 is a go!

Welcome back fellow convention goers! This Youmacon weekend intro comes from the desk of your Editor, The313Gentleman. First impressions are a lasting thing and the volunteers working the convention center are putting their best foot forward, and in some cases lightsabers.

The video game room, as well as Battle Opera Arena are over at the TCF convention center, formally known as Cobo Hall. Personal highlights include the virtual reality zone where you got to experience the latest advancements in VR Gaming. There was a new addition with Nebula Amusements who brought us Hado PvP, an augmented reality tactical dodgeball style game. This very physical activity looks intense and before the end of the weekend we will have an in depth review of the experience. You don’t have to wait for our say so, A Hado PvP match is only $8 per player in a 3v3 scenario all weekend.

While we’re looking forward to the weekend, There are a few panels Team Max@Play are especially excited to see. A list of those can be found here as well as tips and tricks to survive the convention weekend. What are you most excited to experience this weekend? Let us know in the comment section below.

Stay tuned for more articles and photos of amazing cosplay!

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