The Top 5 gifts to give your favorite Cosplayer

Colossalcon Cosplay
Colossalcon Cosplay

Written by EZ-R

Being a cosplayer is not an easy feat as cosplaying requires a lot of creativity! Although most people tend to think that cosplaying is easy and it’s just a super fun and effortless way to play ‘dress up’, but what they fail to realize is that cosplaying is quite tasking and expensive. From buying materials to make a costume to buying props and appropriate makeup and hair for the characters they’ll be playing; cosplayers spend a whole lot of money trying to look as good for their audience. So that’s why it’s a pretty good idea to gift them things that they can use for their craft now and then as it would take some weight off their shoulders and it will even save them money!

 If you have a loved one that is a cosplayer and you are planning to gift them soon, here are five amazing gifts that any cosplayer in your life would appreciate:

Sewing kit

A fully equipped sewing kit: This gift will be perfect for beginner cosplayers as cosplaying requires them to make new costumes often so having a sewing kit would make the whole process easier. Its also still a great gift for already established cosplayers as you never know they might have lost some things in their old kit so getting them a new kit is still a kind gesture! However, before you purchase any sewing kit, try to ensure that the sewing kit you eventually get has all the basic tools a cosplayer would need. A few important items that should be in the kit include needles, different colors of threads, a measuring tape, a threader, pins, and a seam ripper.


Makeup products

Makeup products: Besides dressing the part, cosplayers must look the part too and with so many anime characters out there your cosplayer friend or relative could use more makeup!! You can gift them any makeup product however when purchasing products make sure you buy colorful eyeshadows or if you are on a budget, buy an eyeshadow palette that has loads of colors. You can also choose to treat them to different shades of lipsticks, glitters and even colorful eyeliners.

Gift cards

A gift card: If you are not entirely sure of what your cosplayer friend/family might need then just get them a gift card from a popular fabric store, an arts and crafts store, a supermarket or a grocery store. This gift would come in handy on those days when they need money to cover the costs of all the supplies they need for their costumes. However, one important thing to do before buying a gift card is to make sure the store you plan on buying the gift card from is easily accessible, popular and a branch can be found in the cosplayer’s neighborhood.

Dress form

Dress Form
Dress Form

A dress form: Dress forms make the costume making process easier as they make it possible to fit and design clothes on a model that has a human shape. They help cosplayers know what the clothes they designed would look like on them and they can also serve as a stand to store costumes. Although dress forms are one of the most expensive gifts on this list, it is important to note that they are also worth the price as the cosplayer you plan on gifting this would have a huge smile on their face once they receive it! However, if you can’t afford to buy an already made dress form don’t fret! Just buy supplies and opt to make one for the cosplayer, you can even just buy the supplies and make it together! Making one by yourself or together is way more intimate and special as most people tend to cherish hand-made gifts.

Hot glue gun

My Hero Academia Cosplay - Colossalcon
My Hero Acadamiea Cosplay – ColossalconMy Hero Academia Cosplay – Colossalcon

Hot glue guns: Cosplayers use loads of tools and one tool that most of them use for almost everything is a hot glue gun. Hot glue guns are used to stick things together. They are quite affordable, and they are often used to make armors and to put costumes together. When buying the glue, ensure you buy extra glue sticks too as they would come in handy. If your cosplayer friend already owns a hot glue gun, offer to buy them new glue sticks but before buying make sure you ask them the brand and size they use as glue sticks are made by different brands and they come in different sizes.

A few other notable gifts you can get for any cosplayer that they would appreciate include Worblas, Heat guns, Cutting mats, Xacto knife sets, Cosplaying books, Drop sheets, Tarps, Patterns, Scissors, Sewing shears, Woodburning kits, Acrylic paint, Spray paint, Drill sets, Clay, Mold, Plain T-shirts, Kigurumi’s or Nerd-like T-shirts, Foam sheets, Emergency repair kits that they can carry around for photoshoots and conventions, and different colors of wigs.