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You laugh, you lose #AnineMemes

Welcome anime fans to a point in time where a game of rock-paper-scissors will determine the fate of the world, spoiler alert the world ends. This is another entry into the fascinating world of anime memes oh, this video is brought To Us by anime brain. You’re simply not ready play Dance Dance Revolution it is one of the giant Titans storming through the city but you’re more than welcome to try. We will suggest snorting as much white powder oh, yeah I said it, as you can as you take off and fly through the air. Just be prepared for when you need to get on the bus and Adam Sandler is your bus driver and he’s being extra creepy. I’m never ready for Adam Sandler that’s be creepy. But why would dealing with creepy sayings, Pennywise is also on this bus with you and he wants to have a conversation with you. Pennywise wants to make sure that you are okay, and well-fed. I suggest you find another bus. This episode also looks at the relationship between the adult Sasuke and Sakura. T-Maxx a play would like to add that they have a completely and totally unhealthy relationship. We like to believe that this is even in an abusive relationship since Sasuke has completely no respect for Sakura except when they’re trying to make another baby. Spoiler alert, Sasuke is a horrible dad. But, boruto is just like his father and absolutely afraid of nothing especially when the bully cousin to challenge him to a fight. Be forewarned, if you spend too much time trying to do your intro monologue someone’s going to tag you and you’re going to be out and you’re going to lose. At that point, you’re going to be pissed off that you took so long or going to be unreasonable think of it they should have waited for you to finish your monologue before they came at you oh, and that’s dumb. There’s nothing like being a bridesmaid at a wedding come waiting to catch the bouquet, having done all your stretches you’re at the front of the line and you’re ready to jump just for the butler to beat you to the punch and make you look foolish . Screw you Buddy . Speaking of weddings, Gohan and Videl wedding was amazing. They presented Piccolo with a gif that he miss after the wedding. What Piccolo didn’t know was that his past was coming back to haunt them and he was into some really freaky things . to conclude today’s anime means rent of randomness we like to say thanks to all the fan service that takes place the oversized in overdone, physiques I much appreciate it. Thank you, artists. Have you ever been on an elevator and found yourself in grooving so hard to music that you got to a full dance routine? No? Just me? That’s fine. I hope you enjoy the video. Click here for more anime memes. Click here to subscribe to maxatplay so you can see more random mean and weird stories. And let us know what you think in the comment section below. And thanks for checking out maxatplay!