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Dragon Marked For Death

Title: Dragon Marked For Death

Genre: JRPG

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Players: 1- 4 Online

Publisher: Inti Creates

Developer: Inti Creates

Dragon marked for death is the game that was introduced to us by the amazing songstress and voice actor Diana Garnett. Miss Garnett was performing, live at Ohayocon 2020, her song as a Amika from this Nintendo switch RPG. the song caught everyone in the audience off guard because it was neither English nor Japanese oh, but it was dragon. The whole idea that this game featured a song in a very unique language such as dragon inspired Team Max@Play to go search out more on this title. We found dragon marked for death to be your classic J-RPG side-scrolling magic casting game. It offers the ability for up to 4 players local and online co-op The art style of the game is reminiscent of final fantasy and it’s beautifully executed on the switch. The class system is unique enough to inspire you to create multiple characters for different styles of play. The leveling system is very rewarding with the effects of your grind noticeable immediately during combat. After a few times around the block, you will realize this game was built with co-op in mind with a single-player added. Take for instance missions where you need to acquire people from different parts of a dungeon. There is no way to complete the task 100% without a teammate. That’s not saying you can’t get created for completing it and defeating the dungeon boss, you just can’t get a perfect.

The game is about a tribe of people that were descended from the Astral Dragon. Long ago, the Astral Dragon Atruum was struck down by the The Dragonblood Clan was hunted down by the Divine Family with many of the world residents holding resentment against them. The game picks up with the clan scattered and almost extinct. Each of the playable characters makes a contract with Atruum to gain the dragon’s power to strike revenge against the Medius Empire. (As found on Nintendo Fandom)

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