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Welcome back to the SuPERHiGHMcFLYY Show!

Xbox Game Pass…Game Over for Console!?! A discussion/display on cloud gaming!!!

Welcome back fellow gamers! After a nice hiatus, we return to a live episode of the SuPERHiGHMcFLYY Show! With the return of this live stream comes an awesome new set design and roll cams. If you’re unaware of what the “Roll Cam” is then you just gotta watch the show to find out, even though the name should say it all.


This episode touches on cloud gaming as the new console. Being able to play any game virtually anywhere and how this impacts the console community. Looking at XBox Game Pass and Playstation Now.Take a look at the show and let us know how you feel about cloud gaming in the comment section below.

Games Featured:

  • Control
  • Just Cause 4
  • God of War
  • Friday the 13th The Game

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