Lets recap and move forward #HNY #LFTE


Welcome back fellow Gamers and also welcome to a new year. This is the first letter from the editor of the year recapping 2019. There were some awesome met expectations and some not-so met expectations. There was the introduction of the Xbox game pass which allows you to play any number of games available on Xbox Live or the Xbox Marketplace on your console or your PC. This is an awesome investment as long as you have the time to play. Some games are even available on your mobile device as long as you have them installed on your system. My fellow team members over here at Max@Play have insisted that this is a great investment for me, but I haven’t jumped on the opportunity. Mainly because I haven’t you up enough time. Being an adult and managing life can take away from some of these wonderful toys available today. While we are looking at Freedom of play Google released Stadia. There was so much excitement about being able to play triple-A games anywhere, on any browser, at any time. It seemed like the end of a console generation with the way they were hyping it up and it fell so far from that. We can start with the hundred dollar sign in price, which gets you the controller and the dongle as well as your first-month membership. That wasn’t too bad but then it came an extra $30 a month to play we still didn’t feel too bad. But, then you get hit with the fact that you still have to pay full price for video games that, if Google stops supporting Stadium, you will lose. Can you imagine all the money spent on microtransactions on a full-price game and then next month not being able to play at all. Even if you were able to look past all the massive costs that came associated with this once you start playing the game your quality of gameplay is totally based on how well your internet connection is at that time. You’re able to play games on your cell phone so depending on when and where you’re playing you could have 4G LTE or no G garbage, trash. There is a total lack of consistency with frame rate and lag. This means you can never guarantee how well your gaming experience is going to be.


When I did find sometimes just to play I was able to fully immerse myself in the Paladins battle arena.  That is an amazing game and a great contender in the genre of battle arena games. I also have the opportunity to participate in the Brawlhalla tournament.  It’s been so long since I was able to immerse myself in that game, which for those who don’t know is similar to Smash Brothers with a mythological being. If you want to read more about Brawhalla check out our preview here. As I said, there are a lot of things that I missed personally because of my work schedule. So, there are few games that I am determined to play even though they’re a little outdated. Undertale sits at the top of that list, even though the ending of the game has been completely ruined, I haven’t seen any walkthroughs or actually played the game myself I still want to experience that gameplay regardless of how the ending is. and even though I know what have to do to get the good ending so to speak. With that being said I leave this question for you. Have you played a game that had all the plotlines or had the ending ruined for you before you started? Let us know in the comments section below and thanks for checking out maxatplay.com. Stay up-to-date with us and what’s going on don’t forget to subscribe.