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The Doctor couldn’t live with what he became – State of Decay: Lifeline

State of Decay - Lifeline - Steam -Zombie
State of Decay – Lifeline – Steam -Zombie

The zombie apocalypse is in full swing and we are the in the thick of it all. Trying to clear a path to what may possibly be the last outpost of survivors. Our missions, make it to the camp, secure the outpost and resupply. There are Zeds everywhere. Some are preoccupied with their current meal while others see their next meal barreling down the road. We avoid running over too many since they cause damage to the vehicle. Not running the engine to hard also means we will draw less attention to the destination.

Sidenote (From the editor): Real driving tips for navigating through the apocalypse

  • State of Decay - Lifeline - Steam -Zombie
    State of Decay – Lifeline – Steam -Zombie

    You’re safe in the car until you’re trapped in the car

  • Cars are noisy
  • If you want your car to last don’t use it as a battering ram. Running down zombies in video games may look fun but consider this.
    • Blood and guts clog up filters
    • Reduced vision due to guts on the window or shattered windows
    • Getting a body stuck under the car
    • Hitting something that’s not a zombie trying to run through a group
    • Hitting SOMEONE that’s not a zombie
State of Decay - Lifeline - Steam -Zombie
State of Decay – Lifeline – Steam -Zombie

Once we’ve secured the outpost we’re supposed to extract Dr. Thomas Horn. His research is our best bet to combat this outbreak. What we didn’t know when we arrived was that Thomas Horn had been bitten and unwilling to endanger anyone else. Grant it his bravery is honorable, if he could have held out long enough to share what he knows he could have put the whole world in a better position. Instead, we wasted manpower and ammunition to watch our best chance take his own life.  With this sudden turn of events, we are left waiting for instructions, and help, to make it to the next objective.

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