E3 2020 CANCELLED – What Next?

E3 cancelled
E3 cancelled

Welcome back fellow gamers and convention-goers! As you all have probably heard, E3 2020 is canceled. Wednesday afternoon it was announced that the Electronic Entertainment Expo would be canceled. The Entertainment Software Association which hosts the event decided that in the wake of the Coronavirus it would be in the safety of everyone’s interest to postpone the event for this year.

“After careful consultation with our member companies regarding the health and safety of everyone in our industry – our fans, our employees, our exhibitors, and our longtime E3 partners – we have made the difficult decision to cancel E3 2020.” A statement from the Entertainment Software Association.

What are we gonna miss from E3?

There is a lot of speculation that consumers aren’t going to miss out on anything with the cancellation of E3, and some of that is true. There will still be big announcements with tech and game releases. Microsoft Ubisoft and other companies will be doing digital events.

There is still going to be questions and answers as well as pageantry involved in the presentation. Most notably, we’ll miss the crowd reaction, like when Keanu Reeves told the crowd they were breathtaking. There’s a totally different feeling when you’re in the room when something like that takes place. Behind the scenes some deals and meetings that could have changed the direction a game or company is going, won’t happen. Contrary to popular belief, people sitting down face to face talking about engines, new designs and ideas Works totally different then emails in chat rooms or even Skype interviews. Think about that once in a lifetime meeting between two masterminds that could have taken place at E3 but won’t. Yes, people can send emails, respond to tweets, send direct messages via social media, but how many of those messages get ignored or lost in the shuffle during a normal business day. This convention was a platform for people who may never talk on any other circumstance have each other’s full attention. We’ll never know what we missed unless someone does a little time traveling and alter the course of things. But to say that we’re not going to miss out on anything is totally false. But we’ll never know.

What to expect going forward?

Going forward we expect people to take better care of themselves. The increase in the virus along with the increase to self quarantine means the conventions and things we attend are going to be postponed or cancel which obviously impacts more than we can see. Vendors who make their entire livelihood on the road going to different conventions every week are essentially unemployed if they can’t find a convention that still going to take place. And even if that convention does happen to take place how will it be impacted with the lack of attendance.

So, what do we do until the virus is done?

Take care of yourself. We don’t have any Immediate Solutions to this problem. Any advice we will give you’ve heard a million times. Wash your hands, cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough, if you feel sick stay home. Hand sanitizer is a must. If you want to continue to support the vendors and the game developers watch their streams order online. I understand that it’s not the same experience as being there, but we have to try until a better solution comes along. Thanks for checking out maxatplay.