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World War Z – You’re not ready

Why does he keep dying?

Title: World War Z GOTY

Developer: Mad Dog Games LLC

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Publishers: Mad Dog Games LLC, H2 Interactive Co., Ltd.

Players: 1-4 co-op

Welcome back fellow zombie killers! After spending hours playing World War Z, Team Max@Play has discovered why this zombie survival game deserved the Game of The Year Title. This squad base co-op zombie killer is reminiscent of the Left 4 Dead series but on steroids. You definitely have to work as a team to complete each objective, and more importantly survive. Since you cannot get yourself off the ground, unless you are specific class, then you must be reduced by a teammate. If you get infected you can watch your character turn and immediately join the swarm and attack your former team. There is also a better appreciation for silenced weapons. Firing your assault weapon makes a lot of noise, that we know, which also attracts a swarm of zeke. Gunning them down sounds great until you find yourself overwhelmed and struggling to reload. In the last 4 playthroughs we have failed to protect the train conductor, which is the final mission for this stage. The gameplay above features a solo character playing with bot teammates. After you watch this, you will understand the need for a good living support, emphasis on living.

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