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Games that we abandoned playing this year

Welcome back fellow gamers! 2021 has been an interesting year in gaming, to say the least. The gaming industry has surged with new releases, remasters, and previously unavailable games. With so many titles at your disposal with the introduction of cloud gaming, it’s hard for one game to hold your attention to completion. Team Max@Play is no stranger to gaming ADD and here is a list of games we started and never finished, for whatever reason.


This survival sandbox game centered around Norse mythology featured heavy crafting elements and great coop elements. The survival element included managing your hunger, rest and body temperature. You created shelter for you and any players a part of the party and defended this from attackers. Like most games on this list once the squad that originally started this game began to fade then so did its overall interest and now Valhiem sits comfortably in the unplayed library.

Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance

D&D came out with such pomp and circumstance it was favored for game of the year by a lot of critics, until you actually played it. Dark Alliance is a third-person hack and slash that featured great RPG elements and built well on the already existing story. Its a graphically beautiful piece of work with great special move animations, unfortunately, the camera wouldn’t let you see it. One of the biggest complaints was the camera lock on which made it virtually impossible to see who you’re attacking or being slaughtered by. Players were always one dodge roll away from staring at the ground or a random wall. The frustration with this alone was enough to set this title aside.


It surprises Team Max@Play that this 3 player co-op game made it here so fast. With a good story and easy-to-learn game mechanics accompanied by an amazing prelaunch, there were high hopes of losing days in this game. Sadly, Its mechanics were quite similar to Destiny 2, as well as the setting. Around the same time as its release, Destiny 2, powered by Bungie, had gone under some serious overhauling and found its way back on the radar of many players.

Sea of Thieves

It was the pirate’s life for me. Another game that suddenly got shelved, even after a major game event that should have locked players in. Setting sail for treasure and notoriety was awesome. Managing ship supplies and health and preparing for high seas confrontations was the idea. Sea of Thieves is a beautiful game for the Xbox Game Pass which supports PC to console cross-play. The only issue Team Max@Play could genuinely note was having enough crew members to maintain the larger ships. When you were in the thick of things it got intense. Beyond that, this one only suffered from competing with the new hotness.

Deep Rock Galactic

Another game that is definitely better with friends, DRG sends you on a quest to mine raw materials from a dangerous planet inhabited by the meanest insects in the galaxy. The game can be played solo or with randoms but when you start the game with a certain squad it’s hard to replace them. This was another game that suffered from having new hotness overwhelm it. And so it lies on the shelf next to its brethren

There you have it. Games that started off pretty awesome but have been placed on the shelf for one reason or another. Are there any games you want to revisit? Are any of them on this list. Let us know in the comment section below. Thank you for visiting Max@Play.

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