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Superman vs Saitama

Fulltime vs Part-time hero

Saitama vs Superman
Saitama vs Superman

Welcome back fight lovers! This time around we bring you two amazing protectors and put them head to head in a death battle. In this corner, we have DC’s Superman, champion of justice, and over here we have Saitama, The One Punch Man. This battle should be interesting. The last son of Krypton has an extensive list of feats and victories to complement his array of abilities. He’s virtually indestructible and history has shown that we’ve never seen the full extent of his power. The mighty Saitama actually doesn’t have any “powers” at all. For those of you new to One Punch Man, this hero claims to have gained his strength from a very rigorous training regime that made him so strong his hair fell out. He can’t fly but his leg strength allows him to jump in a manner where it looks like he is. Another disadvantage is that Saitama stands at a regular 5’9”, much shorter than 6’3” Clark Kent. Even though Saitama has an on-paper disadvantage to the Man of Steel, he has no notable weaknesses. There hasn’t been any device, stone, or scenario that handicaps this hero. Superman on the other hand can be affected by a lack of sunlight, kryptonite, and most importantly death. Enough chatter, lets see which one of these heroes will come out on top.

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