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Open a can of ANIME CRACK HD 2018

There are no shortages of WTFs this week but for the icing on the cake Team Max@Play brings some more of this Anime Crack that you simply can’t get enough of. Watching Rick and Morty go from bold adventuers into, um, what ever in the flying (curse word) they turned into at the end. We also find out what type of anime comedian Kevin Hart watches while he’s at work. Speaking of work, some of these clips aren’t work approriate, just a warning as if Anime Crack as a title wasn’t enough. Team Max@Play definitely appreciates the mash-up of anime and a variety of other popular shows and movies. There is also a look at how you can run faster, ask Naruto, he’s a master of this technique. Enjoy this collection of randomness threaded together to become really awesome randomness. This level of randomness takes effort, or drugs, lost of drugs. Sit back and enjoy crazy anime taking balls to the face. Thanks for visiting Max@Play

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