Goth Kids unite – South Park Phone Destroyer

Henrietta is a beast

Welcome back fellow New Kids! Team Max@Play has been enjoying South Park Phone Destroyer for a long time and every no and again we give updates to strategies for handling new releases. SPPD finally released the new Legendary Card Henrietta and she is definitely a card to recon with. First lets take a look at the cards in order of release

The Goth Kids

  • Firkle – 2 energy – Assassin – Deathwish: Boost other Goth Kids on the field
  • Michael – 3 energy – Fighter – Blocks negative spells from harming Goth Kids
  • Pete– 4 energy -Ranger – Goth Kids get health based on the damage they dealt
  • Henrietta – 5 energy – Tank – Revives any killed Goth Kid at the cost of a percentage of her own health, can’t be revived.

The Strategy

These cards are definitely not made to be played alone, obviously. Once you have you deck in order this is the suggested combo pattern.

  • Michael out first.
  • Henrietta out second so she is protected by Michaels ability
  • Firkle would be next and placed close to an enemy so we can quickly take advantage of his power.
  • Regen or Pete would go next. Even though Pete’s power is constant Regen is one less energy if you’re in a bind.

Having dig cards like rats, gnomes or spellbind can help you get through your deck without using too much energy.

Countering the Goth Kids

As awesome as it is having them on the field it’s only great when it’s in your favor. With this being the new shiny thing to play with it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have something to play against them.

Youth Pastor Craig would stop the enemy New Kid from playing any healing spells that would be typical for keeping Henrietta on the field. Swarms like pigeons, rats, or gnomes will definitely do damage to her health. Pigeons mainly because she’s a tank and can’t defend against airborne enemies.

Henrietta is definitely coming out the gate swinging and the Goth Kids as a whole seem a bit overpowered but they’ll probably get nerfed in a week or two. Do you think they’re going to add Emo Stan to the Goth Kids? Let us know what you think in the comment section below. Don’t forget to subscribe for more updates on this and other games.

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