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SATAN card reveal South Park Phone Destroyer

Hello fellow new kids! It’s been a pretty busy season in world of South Park Phone Destroyer. They just celebrated 1 year and had a series of back to back PvP events, two of which yielded two new cards, Satan and Mr. Slave. Even though he’s listed as a ranged fighter, Satan is more like an area damage ranged tank. He is already there largest character in the game, bigger than Man-Bear-Pig. When Satan is summoned to the field his way cry does hell fire area around him, which harms allies as well as enemies. He shoots fireballs from his hands but the distance is much shorter than other ranged cards. Mr. Slave is classified as tank, with pretty decent movement speed. He has an ability that let’s him heal when his health gets low and a death wish ability that generates two cocks, guess from where. From a strategist point of view there has to be a significant reason they let Mr. Slave regenerate his life in this manner versus just giving him more health. If you enjoy learning about South Park Phone Destroyer then check out some other tips for this awesome game. If you just need more mobile gamingthen check out these games.

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