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Killing Zombies – World War Z #LFTE

Welcome back zombie killers! This is Max@Play editor and zombie killing aficionado The313Gentleman, aslo known as MacTheGent on Epic Games. Taking a moment to share my level up misadventures in my current favorite game World War Z. Horde mode is definitely the avenue for grinding up enough supply points to increase your characters and weapons. Gunslinger is the default class and so that is typically everyone’s strongest but yours truly has switched over to the totally underrated Medic. Healers in every game are usually overworked and underappreciated but they are so necessary for survival. There are some natural benefits to being the medic like getting a health boost when you heal a team mate and starting a match with stim packs and health packages at the ready. 

This video highlights my struggles during my level up grind which I do in offline mode for a more relaxed experience. The a.i. Controlled team are always hit or miss when its crunch time. They will not use any supplies or heal you, and you’ll be lucky if they revive you when you’re incapped. On the other hand, players get all the points needed to buy turrets, electric fences and other supply needs. When all else fails you can’t count on them to empty out a clip. It would be nice if they used some of the level upped weaponry though, that might be asking for a random grenade at your feet so never mind. Enjoy the zombie killing shenanigans and level up.

Grind - Level Up - Repeat
Grind – Level Up – Repeat

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