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Deep Rock Galactic: Mining and killing creepy crawlies

Danger. Darkness. Dwarves

Deep Rock Galactic
Deep Rock Galactic

Title: Deep Rock Galactic

Platform: XBox Game Pass, XBox One, XBox Series S/X, PC

Players: 1-4 Co-op

Genre: First Person Shooter

Published by: Coffee Stain Publishing

Developed by: Ghost Ship Games

Crossplay: XBox One and Windows 10 vis the Microsoft Store

Release Date: 05/13/2020

What is Deep Rock Galactic?

Welcome back fellow gamers! It’s time to down your brew, team up with your fellow dwarves, and literally dig in. Deep Rock Galactic places gamers on a space outpost, owned by the company of the same name, where their job is to mine a variety of caverns for specific minerals, plants, and loot on the hell hole Hoxxes IV. Players can take on some missions by themselves but DRG role-based dynamics encourage having a friend or two to join in the fun. There are 4 dwarf classes:

Dwarf Classes

Deep Rock Galactic
Deep Rock Galactic
  • The Gunner – is your heavy frontman. Takes the lead with his minigun and grenade launcher and lays down shields and ziplines as support.
  • The Engineer – comes armed with a shotgun and can layout auto-turrets for support fire. He also can create platforms for easier traversal
  • The Scout- provide the most light with his flare which can anchor into the terrain while he lays waste with an assault rifle or double-barrelled shotgun
  • The Driller- is best equipped for tearing down walls and detonating charges that can assist in drilling or dispatching enemies. Armed with a flamethrower as his main weapon he can light up your life then finish the job with his automatic pistol.

Please finish the tutorial. Team Max@Play had the option to just jump into the thick of things and spent more time reading the help menus and reviving each other than necessary. The importance of light and using your flares become apparent very early in your digging and even more so when the swarms attack. 

Enemies: Why you should fear the dark.

These God-forsaken caverns hold more than the minerals these dwarves are being paid handsomely to retrieve. They are also home to a plethora of creepy crawlies referred to as Glyphid. These aggressive beasts remind you of giant spiders from your worst nightmares. They come in a variety of forms from small minions, armored attackers, venom-spitting tanks, and even a few that will fly in and steal your teammates. 

Review: Conclusion

Working for DRC definitely has its benefits with great pay, character customization, and weapons upgrade. Take some time and enjoy the outpost before each mission. There are minigames to play, different terminals with cool unlockables and you can buy a round of drinks for your comrades before you dive in. The procedurally generated caverns give you a fresh playthrough with every round. Making use of your map will save a lot of heartaches. The enemy scaling is clutch. Based on how well gamers play or the level of the team, be prepared for a tight fight. Team Max@Play tried this game via the Xbox Gamepass on PC and didn’t face any issues. Except for the moment you run out of ammo and can’t order more. What do you think about this game? Let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting Max@Play!

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