2 Agents are better than 1 – Crackdown 3

Teamwork taking down Terranova

Crackdown 3 Live Stream
Crackdown 3 Live Stream

Welcome back fellow gamers! Team Max@Play partners up with SUPERHiGHMcFLYY and cause some trouble clearing out baddies in Kahns Scar production facility. This battle was a bit more interesting since Kahn and his minions have the ability to heal themselves. Too bad they couldn’t heal themselves from a rocket to the face. 

Fighting Reza Kahn

Crackdown 3 Live Stream

First of all, Kahn was in a Goliath Mech Suit with enhanced mobility. He would protect the cockpit by picking up debris that will eventually be projectile against you. Once you got his health down low enough, Kahn will run to Core which is the source of his power and powers his whole operation. The core is only vulnerable to damage while he’s healing so be prepared to really dump some ammo into it. Repeat this until Kahn is destroyed, but the fight isn’t over yet.

Crackdown 3 Live Stream
Crackdown 3 Live Stream

City Lockdown

Immediately after taking down Reza Kahn, Vargas locks down the city sending a well-equipped strike squad to take you out. 

  • There is no escape from the area until you defeat the forces after you. 
  • There are no supply points to re-up on ammo. 
  • Terranova will drop pods from the sky as well as dig the earth up from under you. 
  • Be ready to move.
  • Collect all the new weapons these enemies provide


This is always a good time! Earning the extra perks and maxing out your skills is absolutely fulfilling. You really feel badass through each level up with enough challenge to be humbled by the difficulty spike. Lets stop Terranova together and Thanks for visiting Max@Play. Enjoy our shenanigans in the video.

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