When society forces you to kill zombies

Killing zombies in WWZ

Welcome back fellow zombie killers! In this current stage of life we are patientl waiting for the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. Some would consider alot of the world zombies due to they’re being tethered to their phone screens but we’re  referring to actual undead zombies.

This gaming adventure centers around the FPS World War Z which is still our favorite zombie killer, at least until the release of Back for blood. Since there is a current distrust for human society as a whole, this round was a private offline match. 

Drone Master was the selected class since it was the lowest in level and once Team Max@Play returns to the online arena versatility is a must. There is a real consideration of how a Drone Master might fair in the real zombie apocalypse. At some point, city functions such as water, gas and electricity will cease so how will this individual continue to recharge their drones. There are solar powered drones available but what would it take to weaponize them similar to in the WWZ scenario?

The government is designing a weapon that fires laser guided lightning bolts, which would make the idea of a drone shooting stun bolts feasible, but will this technology be available to the public enough to be fabricated.

These are the thoughts of your editor, The313Gentleman, Enjoy your day and don’t trust any zombies in free hugs T-Shirts. Speaking of T-Shirts…Pick up your Max@Play Shirt today