Back 4 Blood Open Beta Experience

Zombies galore

Welcome back fellow gamers and zombie killers! From this point forward zombie killers will be referred to as Cleaners as properly titled in Back 4 Blood. This post-apocalyptic title entered open Beta on Thursday, August 12, the day before Friday the 13th, and Team Max@Play was all over it. The download was available through the Epic Gamestore and based on menu options supports crossplay with all current-generation consoles and PC. Before we got into the game, Team Max@Play was met with less than stellar feedback which lowered our expectation of Back 4 Blood’s performance. This article isn’t a deep dive into the game, since it’s in open beta, but we will share our experience.  

Getting Started

Arriving at Fort Hope was a nice starting point. We briefly went through the menus and took a look at the deck-building mechanics. There are cards that you add to your player deck which provides buffs and enhancements. There are different cards available for the campaign versus online competitive mode. Once we partied up and entered the match nostalgia washed over the team. Turtle Rock, the original creators of Left 4 Dead, had created a beautiful-looking piece of work. 

As we played through the first few areas, we enjoyed the satisfaction of taking down zombies, slashing off limbs and overall traversing the area. SuPERHiGHMcFLYY was the first to alert the horde when he disturbed the birds, besides a nice increase in zombie numbers there wasn’t that fear of being overwhelmed. There even came a point when The313Gentleman went all melee with the machete. Crossing the bridge is when it got real and we quickly discovered that this game was just toying with us.

If you thought the first encounter with the Ogre was intense, wait till you deal with an overwhelming amount of special infected. You’ll regret leaving that BOT Character to fend for themself. Back 4 Blood did not let down when it finally ramped up. Paying attention to the cards in your deck and upgrading your team and equipment is crucial. Let’s just say our adventure ended shortly after the bridge.

Have you played the Open Beta yet? Are you prepared for the zombie apocalypse? Let us know in the comment section below.

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