Cosplay Competition – Ohayocon 2022

Show your stuff on the main stage

Ohayocon Cosplay
Ohayocon Cosplay

The pageantry surrounding cosplay can be seen all weekend long during Ohayocon, but it’s on the Main Events stage where you can truly show your stuff. The Ohayocon Cosplay Competition focused on a variety of categories and had multiple awards available. Wether this was your first time on stage or your 50th, there was room for anyone ready and willing to show off their creations on the big stage for all the Ohayocon attendees to see and cheer.


This area is actually broken up into 2 smaller areas with one being sewing and stitch work and the second being armor construction. At the start of the convention, well before they take the stage, each participant met with the panel of judges who first ranked them based on experience. It makes it a bit fair so you don’t have someone who’s showcasing their first cosplay competing against a veteran seamstress. The judges checked things like seam lines and how well the armor was molded as well as its accents.


Ohayocon Cosplay
Ohayocon Cosplay

It’s time to take the stage! Participants had the opportunity to really show off their creations with their own special touch. Some performed songs to go along with their character while others had comical or romantic skits that entertained the audience.

Enjoy these photos from the event and let us know what your favorite cosplay was? Click here for more Ohayocon Cosplay!