Colossalcon 2022 Cosplay Competition

Welcome back fellow cosplay lovers! It’s time for Colossalcon’s epic Cosplay Main Event. This year’s competition was split up between two segments, Performance, and craftsmanship. The performance part was just that. Cosplayers sang, danced, or lipsynced to some of our favorite songs. There were others that acted out romantic or comedy skits showing off great versatility. One favorite was the skit where they sang and acted out a Super Smash Brothers brawl using almost all of the characters on the roaster. The second phase focused on craftsmanship. Cosplayers were able to model their work displaying the detail and passion that was put into each piece. In the end, there were awards given at 3 different levels. Novice, journeyman, and master. Enjoy this collection of photos from the cosplay competition.

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