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Featured Indie Games – Youmacon 2022

Welcome back fellow gamers! This is our continued coverage of Youmacon 2022 and we are so excited to highlight a few Indie Developers that showcased their hard work. There were a few small firms there and even a few programming couples that put everything together by themselves. If you attended Youmacon, we hope you didn’t miss them right outside of the Battle Opera game room. Without further to do here are a few of our favorite Indie Developers from Youmacon.

Plunder Panic - Youmacon 2022

Down the Drain

Ever wonder what happens in the world that exists underneath your bathroom sink? Now you can! Join Marta, the world’s smallest plumber snake, as she ventures into the vast maze of pipes to clear them out, find objects lost to the world above, and take down all the strange things that lurk beneath the porcelain of the sink. Learn more about Down the Drain here.

BossGame: The Final Boss Is My Heart

Another game Team Max@Play was able to get our hands on. This game follows the romance of a lesbian couple trying to pay the rent in this boss rush-style video game. It definitely has an Undertale visual feel but it has a unique gameplay style. BossGame is currently available on Android and iPhone but don’t forget to add it to your Steam Wishlist 2023.

Grimlight: A Tale of Dreams

With this Android and iPhone mobile game, it was the artwork that attracted the attention of Team Maxatplay. Their display had a great attention-grabbing setup, unfortunately, we weren’t able to get much story info. Even after checking the website the best we gathered it’s a beautiful, battle maiden tactical game. It’s intriguing enough for us to let you know to check it out for yourself.

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Plunder Panic

Team Max@Play is a fan of the swashbuckling lifestyle so when Plunder Panic made it on the radar investigation was needed. This 12-player multiplatform team battle game puts players on 2 opposing pirate forces (6v6). It was refreshing to see a game that supported both online and local play. The two pirate ship’s crews go head to head to collect the most gold from the island. Even though getting the most treasure is a win condition there are a few more including Kill the Captain and Sink the Ship in a variety of fashions. The rounds are short and sweet and the gameplay has a great pace. Learn more about Plunder Panic on their website.

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