Sony tries to make the PS5 controller more accessible with Project Leonardo

Showcased at CES 2023 Sony unveiled a new controller, Project Leonardo with the intention of more inclusive accessibility. It can be used on or has the ability to be connected with a l DualSense controller.

Explained further in the PlayStation Blog that it will “remove barriers to gaming and help players with disabilities play more easily, more comfortably, and for longer periods on PS5.”

Is possible Sony partnered with a number of organizations to focus on accessibility and gaming including AbleGamers, SpecialEffect and Stack Up. This is Sony‘s first step in making an accessibility controller following Microsoft’s release of the Xbox Adaptive Controller which was released in 2018.

The device includes four 3.5mm AUX ports accommodating auditory needs. The controller lies flat on a table or can be mounted on a tripod.

There is the new release date or price on this new controller.