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Hell is Others

Don’t want to get caught in the streets

Platform: Microsoft Windows

Initial release date: October 20, 2022

Developers: Strelka Games, Yonder, Belka S.R.L.

Engine: Unity

Genres: Shooter game, Indie game, Adventure

Publishers: A List Games, Belka S.R.L.

Players: Online PVPVE

Welcome back fellow gamers! It baffles the mind why anyone would venture into the streets of Century City. If you remain in your apartment you are safe, but the streets will you. Once you enter, you are going to die, A LOT. 

You are what citizens of Century City call a Fixer named Adam Smithson. People will reach out for help completing a variety of task. The goal is to complete them and return alive. If you die, you will wake up in your apartment, minus anything you have on you except your starter pistol. Steping off the elevator begins the adventure and there is no turning back till the alert signals there is an elevator ready. There’s also a short window to be in the city, so watch the timer. Once it hits zero, thats death.

As the title clearly exclaims, there are others roaming the streets and they only mean you harm. Starting with the “Things” that hide in the shadows, they are creatures that seek out those on the street and will kill you. There are many of them with a variety of strengths and weaknesses. Things are attracted to sound and smell. Staying on the streets too long increases Adam’s scent and attracts them. On top of that there are others like Adam but can only be seen as walking monsters, with weapons. Their going to attempt to kill youand steal the junk, food, and weapons you have on you.

Hell is Others is a wild ride with an intriguing story. With over 60hrs of story to go thru there’s alot to enjoy. Enjoy some gameplay footage and thanks for visiting Max@Play.

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