The battle rages on – Halo Wars 2

Title: Halo Wars 2

Developed by: 343 Studios

Publisher: Microsoft

Genre: Real Time Strategy (RTS)

Players: Co-op and Versus mode online

Platform: XboxOne and PC
After a long wait we finally have the sequel to Halos cult hit, real time strategy Halo Wars. Halo Wars 2 opens with the Spirit of Fire waking up from chryo sleep to discover a brand new enemy to deal with called the Banished. At first glance we see that 343 studios has took everything we loved about the original, polished it and added sprinkles, cause everything is better with sprinkles. Offering smoother troop management and cursor movement Halo Wars caters to the console based controller players but Microsoft offers the ability to play it on your PC as well which is a definite win for those hardcore traditional RTS players that prefer a mouse and keyboard to command their army. 

Developing your army will have familiar qualities for the old and a relaxed learning curve for the new. The boards are expansive and encourage   discovery to find hidden resources and strong holds. There’s enough depth to keep you involved on every level and create a strategy that suits your play style. We’re looking forward to providing you some quality footage and game play strategy as we explore all the content. 
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