7 Times You Screwed Yourself Over with Irrevocable Consequences

See what consequences your actions have

Hey fellow gamers! Of course there are serious consequences for your actions in the real world, that’s why we play video games. Most games give you an easy opportunity to make huge mistakes, correct them or redeem yourself. These seven games do quite the opposite. The examples shown here highlight moments where you totally screwed yourself. Enjoy the video and beware of spoilers

  1. Resident Evil 4 – When you killed the merchant

  2. Skrim – When you got stuck in a death loop

  3. Space Quest 2 – When you didn’t pick up a crucial item

  4. Undertale – When you did the ‘genocide’ run first

  5. Banjo Kazooie – When you got your saves erased

  6. Dark Souls – When you hit the Blacksmith

  7. Resident Evil 0 – When you didn’t tool up for a boss fight

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