Stranger Things Trilogy Review (Spoiler)

Don’t worry, We may make it about half way through this before you get a spoiler alert. Whoops. I lied….**SPOILER ALERT**… If you have not yet seen All of Stranger Things 1,2 and 3.

Don’t Read any further!!


We have to give back story before I get into Stranger Things 3 and what it did to my brain. Now, for those of you who have seen part one, you know that there is a place called the upside down in Hawkins where Demogorgons kidnap children. You also know that their family and friends don’t play that shxt. While Will’s mother thought Will was kidnapped, or dead, or whatever the Government and hidden lab folk were trying to tell her, his friends embarked on quite a journey in search of the truth. While on said journey, they found deadly creatures, new bonds and a whole new dimension to roam and run from; all while trying to be “normal kids”. Being set in the 80’s, it really makes you wonder how much of it is fiction or if they created a series around it to hide what was really going on. Come on, you’ve never seen a live Demogorgon? Just me? Ok, fine. Maybe you all just have little Darts running around.


Stranger Things 3 makes me wonder what I am doing with my life if not fighting the Mind Flayer. Apparently the Russians are trying to open the gate Eleven closed in Stranger Things 2. So the crazy guy with the Vodka was right all along? While figuring out what being a teenager is all about, the gang embarks in yet another battle to save the world. Dustin returns from camp Know Where with a whole girlfriend, Elle and Mike are getting serious, and Will feels like he is losing his best friends. Mike demands to know “What did you think? We would stay in my basement and play games for the rest of our lives?” While the Mind Flayer assigns Billy to do his bidding of adding all the citizens of Hawkins to his shadow, The gang has to figure out a way to close the gate and kill the Mind Flayer again. The thing that touched my heart in this season, aside from the love that was inherent in Hop’s sacrifice of his life, is that because Elle saw the point in life where Billy lost his way.(When his mother left); She was able to give his heart hope for his next lifetime through him buying them time to kill the Mind Flayer in the final scene. She reminded him of his happy place, on the beach, with his mother.


Interesting how our happy places give us courage,no? Or how big of a mind flayer anger can become if we let it snowball if people ignore us, or only feed into our ego. These are some of the things that came up for me while watching the entirety of the Stranger Things trilogy. Hope you enjoyed my thoughts. More will be back! Oh. And for the love of God, who won Dungeons and Dragons???