Back to Smite – Trying out Scylla

The Gods continue to unless their fury

Welcome Back to Smite

Good day fellow gamers! It’s that time again when we swing back around and get lost in an amazing MOBA, Smite. Anytime you take a break from a game its always that learning curve to get readjusted. Time was taken watching the overhauled tutorial section. This area featured short, straight to the point descriptions of every topic from classes to item management. The next step was to adjust the controls so that you’re comfortable. We’re controller players and Smite has made adjustments now offering full controller support.  The next step was not to get embarrassed jumping straight into a battle but try the solo training area. Now that we’re warmed up, Let us Smite thee!

Do what feels comfortable: Playing with Neith

Neith was the safe pick for our first battle in months. She’s known as a noob trap mainly because her ease of use and being well balanced, she also has great movement and crowd control. Those things are awesome in any character but new players usually get stuck playing with her endlessly because of this, i.e. noob trap.  Being confident in her abilities gave us an opportunity to pay more attention to the map.  Knowing where the rest of your team is on the map and keeping an eye on their health can save you. If you see 2 of your team mates down its probably unwise to rush into the battle, It would be better to regroup. Grant it, these tips work better for Arena.

Trying something new: Scylla

Once warmed up officially we tried our hand at a new to us God, Scylla. She’s a sea monster once cursed to the oceans to inflict her vengeance on any ships travelling her straight. Now she’s found her way to land and wreaks havoc. She looks like a little girl with tentacles for legs. Each tentacle has a hound attached to the end that she uses to attack. Scylla fits into the Mage class with a pretty good cool down rate for her abilities.  She’s a bit slow on the movement side so keeping your distance or constant movement is key.

Looking forward: Conclusion

TeamMax@Play is happy to see Hi-Rez, the creators of Smite, keep the game fresh with new Gods and play modes. There is also a featured artist area presented by Red Bull Music. Gotta say, didn’t know Red Bull moved into music, hope its high energy stuff J.