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Deathloop – Getting started

If it first you don’t succeed die and try again

Welcome back fellow gamers! Team Max@Play has finally made the way to lack Reef in the Bethesda release Deathloop. The story follows Colt on his journey to break free from what seems like a never ending Deathloop. The opening credits show hime being brutally murdered by Julianna, which they hint to a “past” between these 2. The first hook for us is the amazing voice acting and chemistry between all the characters. Even the background conversations are masterfully done. The gameplay is pretty smooth, this screen capture is done on PC. There is great satisfaction in performing executions and melee kill as well as a good gun fight. We’re just getting our feet wet so stay tuned for a more indepth review. We haven’t even unlocked the protect the loop mode where you play as Julianna and invade online characters games and attempt to end their run. Thanks for visiting Max@Play

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