Got the crew together for a brand new heist – PAYDAY 2


PAYDAY 2 - Multiplayer - Steam
PAYDAY 2 – Multiplayer – Steam

Title: Payday 2


Genre: First Person Shooter

Platform; PC

Players: 1-4

Developer/Publisher: Starbreeze

Payday 2 is definitely standing the test of time with a strong online community, constant updates, and great connections. Payday 2 cast you in the role of 1 of 4 professional criminals for hire, think Reservoir Dogs.  Each mission begins with a description of the mission, a lobby, and weapons loadout. If you’re able to communicate with a headset this is the time to get on the same page. Each mission has a theme and a preferred approach. You want to discuss with your fellow criminals if you’re going in stealth with weapons concealed and trying not to draw any attention or going in guns blazing prepared for war. Take for instance this example:

  • Wearing a mask while casing a jewelry store will alert guards and police
  • Wearing body armor will also raise suspicion
  • If you choose to not wear body armor during a smash and grab or escape can be costly to your life
  • Not carrying enough ammo/health in your group can be troublesome

Payday 2 is definitely a group effort, even though it offers a decent single player campaign. Gaming with friends is what’s promoted here but Team Max@Play hasn’t had too many instances where we get matched with a bad player. You know, that one player that decides to start shooting everything that moves during a stealth mission alerting every guard and police officer bringing down the wrath of all on our heads. Yup, please don’t be that guy.  The rewards from each mission are amazing an make you feel like each heist was definitely worth it. Taking your money and purchasing new equipment, customizing your mask and even upgrading your safe house.  Yes, you have a safe house that you can upgrade and furnish the way you like, just be prepared to defend it from police raids. Enjoy this video of Team Max@Play featuring Sin6er, aka Super High McFLYY, blasting away.

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