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PUBG Mobile (Early Play Through)

PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile (Early playthrough)

Player Unknown Battleground mobile version of the game is quite the gaming experience. This is Team Max@Play’s first encounter with the popular arena shooter. The first thing we noticed is that you start with nothing, literally no shirt or pants. Since you haven’t played any matches yet you don’t have any money to purchase any clothes either, moving on. Taking mobile gaming as a serious platform is one of the first things you’ll notice with PUBG. After the download installs on your phone it will adjust its settings visually based on your phone’s performance. We’ve noticed a limitation with the Galaxy J7 that prevents us from playing without being connected to WiFi, more investigation coming on that note. There is an appreciation for handling those connection issues if that’s the case but it’s limiting if you’re out and about and got time to play. We’d also like to suggest keeping your charger close by, after 30 minutes of solid gameplay The fully Charged Galaxy J7 was now at a healthy 50%. This will vary based on what other background apps you have running on your phone. The tutorial helps you get started fairly well and once you get started you’re gonna die, lol. The first lobby consisted of a group of half-dressed players running around like goofballs punching each other for zero damage. Once the match begins you’re transported to the plane where your await an opportunity to jump out and actually parachute into the Battleground. The personal strategy suggests jumping out near buildings so you can find weapons and supplies quickly but watch the counter that displays the number of players still on the plane.

PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile

Getting supplies early can be the difference between being rank 99 and 84, which was our best rank. You can pop your parachute anytime after you jump but if you wait too long it will pop for you. Once you land it’s open season and you’re off to find weapons and supplies. At the start you have an entire island to get lost in, we wondered around for almost 7 minutes before running into another player. As time progresses a force field will begin to shrink the play area forcing everyone to get closer. Just a word to the wise, the force field can kill you so we suggest you move. In our short gameplay we’ve:

  • Eliminated one other player
  • Been killed twice by another player
  • Been killed by the shrinking play area

What we’ve learned:

  • Close the door behind you when entering buildings
  • Prone is your friend
  • Rifles are better than crowbars

It’s time to jump in, or jump out a plane and get this chicken dinner.

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