Yaya Han introduces C2E2 attendees to Competitive Cosplay

C2E2 - Cosplay - Yaya Han
C2E2 – Cosplay – Yaya Han

2018 C2E2 patrons were treated to a panel introducing them to the world of competitive cosplay hosted by the world-renowned Yaya Han.

The international cosplayer discovered her passion in 1999 and set her mind to stay with it achieving her goals and traveling the world.

Competitive cosplay spans 4 major areas:

  • Walk In – This is show usually open to whoever wants to be brave and show off their cosplay for the con-goers
  • Craftsmanship – A more structured show where you typically register well before the convention and have a prejudging privately before taking the stage. During this time judges will inspect and ask questions about your cosplay. This usually has one participant per entry.
  • Craftmanship and Skits – Similar to craftsmanship with the addition of adding some form of theatrics. It could be a scene reenactment or comedy skit and may have multiple participants per entry
  • International – Can be any of these happening on an international stage

The increasing popularity of cosplay around the world, make the stakes higher in competitions separating participants by experience to offer everyone a fair chance. As mentioned by Ms. Han “This could be a first time for a person that’s been designing and maintaining costumes for years. They definitely wouldn’t be in the same bracket as a new person to cosplay.” During the initial process, judges take pride in going over every detail of the competing costume. Questions like:

  • What type of stitching did you use?
  • Why did you choose this material over another?
  • How long did it take you to plan and create?
  • Do you have a special reason behind choosing this one to compete in?

Just to highlight a few. Yaya continued to emphasize that honesty is the best policy. If you received help on your cosplay or something was bought versus created you should be upfront about it. The judges are seasoned professionals in their area and will uncover the truth. You don’t want to be disqualified for being dishonest, especially if it doesn’t violate the rules of the competition.
The competitive world can be a bit daunting when you look at the pageantry of it all but It really boils down to your personal passion and why do you want to compete. Are you competing for the notoriety, accolades, travel, money or are you trying to share your passion and skill with others like yourself?

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