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WWE Smackdown vs Raw: The Path of Champions #ThrowbackThursday

WWE Smackdown vs Raw: The Path of Champions with Austin Creed @UpUpDownDown | New Game Plus

Welcome back fellow gamers and wrestling fans! This week we take a trip back to the ruthless aggression era, which took place just after the attitude era in wrestling history. This was a culmination of the Monday night wars in the introduction of WCW and ECW roster to the WWE, formerly WWF, locker room. Smackdown versus Raw was one of the first WWE games that feature voice acting by all of the original roster, no hired professionals, and that was totally apparent in they’re acting. The overarching storyline was to become the number one wrestler on your shoulder show and when the championship title for that brand. After you completed that you have the option of either switching to the other show or challenging that shows champion to truly prove who’s best. This video is brought To Us by our friends over at the completionist. They do a great job at going into detail about why this game was so awesome and also so very quirky. Enjoy the video and let us know what you think in the comments section below. Click here if you need more throwback Thursday memories. And as always, thanks for checking out maxatplay.